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Purohit Holdings strives to be the most respectable group of hospitality organizations in the Georgia-Carolina region, as measured by the loyalty of our employees, the experience of our customers in our leading hotels and motels, our financial results, and the communities in which we live and operate.

We are committed to demonstrating dynamic acquisition strategies and enhancing the value of our assets. We are dedicated to the highest quality of hotels and commercial properties that will enhance our portfolio and lead us toward our goal of being among the leaders in the hospitality industry. Therefore, we will utilize a strategy of acquiring or developing only the best hotels and properties, operating that product within our strict quality standards, and continuing a high commitment to upholding and maintaining that long-term investment.

Our results and the efforts of our employees speak for themselves - for example, in twelve short years, our properties in and around Augusta, Georgia, have became the preferred destination for thousands of national and international patrons of the Masters Golf Tournament held every April at the Augusta National Golf Club. As we go forward, we will strive to maintain these goals, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of our service, and return good value for each investment made by the company.

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